Technology & Negative Impacts On Today’s Children REACTION


Technology today has become such a huge part of everyone’s lives. Growing up, I didn’t have technology to turn to when I was bored, or to keep me quiet while out in public. Today, you see children as young as one years old navigating devices. Every time I see this, it blows my mind. I can’t help but think about all the impacts this has on children and their development.


After researching, I saw that the behavioral impacts technology has on children is very concerning. Technology has so much power over people today that we don’t even realize the impacts it creates.

When children use technology too much, it can cause ADHD, depression, anxiety, developmental disorders, sleeping issues, and so many other concerning disorders that kids struggle with everyday (Rowan).

Excessive technology use also creates impulsive and violent behavior (Rowan). You will notice that some people can’t even go a full minute without checking their phone or refreshing their social media accounts to see the latest posts. I am even guilty of this myself.

After reading these impacts, it definitely made me more self aware of how much I use technology.


The social impacts have been super obvious to me even before researching this topic. Using technology in social settings, especially for a developing child, is probably the worst thing for them.

Kids begn developing with their surroundings from the second they are born. If you put a device between that, it can severely impact these crucial developmental skills.

The one that sticks out to me most is eye contact. It is so hard for people to make eye contact when they are conversing that it begins to be accepted. Growing up, I was always told eye contact was the most important thing and today it is so hard to find.

Another one is face to face interaction. I see this mostly with confrontation. People think it is way less stressful and easier to confront someone through text instead of face to face. Texting is the new way of communicating with one another (Osit). This is very sad to me because it almost seems as if conversation is difficult to have.


Technology in a classroom is such a debatable topic. I have come to the conclusion that classrooms without devices are way more beneficial to kids.

Kids tend to not pay attnetion in class when they have a device between them and the teacher (Taylor). This is not good for many reasons, mainly because they become reliant on technology to keep them entertained and begin to use it as a crutch or a shortcut in class (Taylor).

Being kids are distracted by their devices, their grades begin to decrease which is also very bad for them (Taylor). Students also don’t retain information because if they want to know anything, with a device at their fingertips,  they look it up and effortlessly find the answer and move on (Taylor).


The health issues that too much technology use can lead to is also very concerning.

When kids use their devies too excessively, they tend to not be physically active. Because of this lack of action, they develop health issues that no human should ever have.

Technology is a huge cause of obesity today (Rowan). Obesity leads to diabetes and so many other issues within your body that no child should ever go through (Rowan).

The obesity has increased vastly since technology has become as popular as it has.


Overall, technology in moderation is okay but unregulated and excessive use can lead to many concerning issues that no child should have to face.


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