Keeping Your Life Together, One List At A Time

Life is overwhelming. With everything going on day to day, it becomes nearly impossible to remember it all.

Freshman year was a big transition for me. The strategies I used in middle school were no longer working as the work load became heavier and responsibilities increased. My grades began to suffer and I had to test out different organization strategies.

I got myself an agenda and began writing everything down from homework, to appointments and social events. After doing this, my grades increased, my life became way more organized, and smoother.

I then came to the realization that making lists was a way of life for me, and I became reliant on them. I started typing lists in my phone with different categories (personal, school, appointments, etc.) and until this day, this is how I remember to get what needs to be done accomplished. I simply use the notes app in my phone. This is how I #GotMyLifeTogether.

Compartmentalizing my life helps me remain stress free and feeling accomplished. Without taking to do lists, my life would be an absolute mess!

In my presentaton, I put different styles of lists you can make. Whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or just one mass list of things you need to accomplish. I also had my classmates use my type of format (compartmentalizing) to see what they thought of it.

I got some very positive feedback. A student in my class named Avery wrote in the feedback google doc, “I love the idea of having everything in sub topics so looking at my daily to-do list isn’t as overwhelming”. I got many similar comments like Avery’s,  for example Maeson wrote “I love this way to stay organized because you can personalize the way you want your list to be”. This made me happy to read because I feel like I really influenced some of my classmates to use this strategy in the future and hopefully help them stay more organized in college.

Here is a screen recording of me taking a list!

Another way I take my lists is by separating them in different sections/tabs within my notes app when the list starts to become too overwhelming and long.

Below is an example of a typical to do list I have on my iPhone in the Notes app. This strategy is for people who are usually on the go and need something accesible and quick to write things down as they go throughout their day.

This may not work for everyone, but it is just another easy way to stay organized within your fingertips!




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