Boost your happiness in 10 minutes

Last week, I presented to my class, a way to believe in yourself. What is it? Positive affirmations. Seems simple, and it is. Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, or negative thoughts. They help you  believe in, what you’re affirming to yourself, helping you to make positive changes to your life. To do this, you need to first determine that kind of  transformation you want to bring about in yourself; make more money for example.

What does this do to help you? “This sends a very clear message to your RAS (Reticular Activating System ) that this is important to you. When you do that, it gets busy noticing ways to help you achieve your goals. If ideal weight is your emphasis, you will suddenly begin to see every gym and weight loss product.”

The easiest way to practice affirmations is to go on youtube and type in “affirmations for money (For example)”. The videos are recordings of people saying the affirmations to you, which makes it convenient because you are only listening.

For me personally, I would listen to a video in the morning while I do my makeup.Sunrise-Meditation.jpg

Then when my classmates, dispersed and did the individual demonstration, they all seemed to be interested in how you can alter your mood and outlook on your life situation. Skyler found it interesting that you do this everyday for 30 days, the affirmations you’re saying to yourself will embedded in your brain and you will subconsciously start to  believe in them.

“Affirmations: Why They Work & How to Use Them.”Spirituality & Health Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 May 2017.


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