What is monotasking exactly? 

Monotasking is, “the practice of dedicating oneself to a given task and minimizing potential interruptions until the task is completed or a significant period of time has elapsed.” (Tech Encylopedia) 

What could it be used for?

  • Research projects
  • Homework
  • Sports
  • Event Planning
  • Constructing (projects, houses, etc…)
  • Day to day events

Why is multitasking not effective?

According to MIT professor of neuroscience, Earl Miller, multitasking isn’t exactly what you may think it is. Multitasking is just switching from task to task, with added stress included in between every switch. Your brain also has to choose which activity to give more focus to when multitasking. He then added that it may fatigue your brain, leaving you in an even worse mental state than when you started the task.



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Class reaction:

Monotasking really helps me get more stuff done more efficiently. If I try to multitask, I get stressed easily and my work probably isn’t the best it could be. I also think monotasking is a very helpful tool that will help you work better.” – Skylar G. 

Reaction: Skylar is 100% right on this one. Your work is exponentially better when you’re just focusing on one smaller task rather than one larger one, or two smaller ones. You can probably finish the tasks faster, too. If you work at 100% efficiency on two tasks (separately), you’re going to get through them faster than if you were working at 40% efficiency on one and 60% on the other.

“I really like the idea of monotasking because I feel like these days we are mainly taught to multitask which causes so much stress, but the idea of monotasking eliminates the added stress of other assignments which I think is really good and important, Great skill to learn for college.” – Avery S.

Reaction: Everyone should definitely learn this skill for college. It will be vital that you focus on only one project/assignment so you don’t get overwhelmed with stress and worry. A huge factor in maintaining focus is to not look at your cellphone while you are trying to work. Phones are a huge distraction and using them always end up branching off into a ton of other distractions. It will also help with not getting distracted in the bustling library while you’re trying to finish your paper at 2 AM.

Click this link to see just how long you can focus!

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about monotasking, visit this link 


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