Here’s your new, best Pal

What is My Fitness Pal?

Everyone is on their phones nowadays. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Thinking about a written diet log is a hassle and you have to remember what you ate and write it down then guess the macro measurements of each amount of food consumed. My Fitness Pal solves all of these problems and makes it easy to keep track of your intake and plan for upcoming days. It’s an app that helps you track all of your food eaten and helps you plan for the future based on your measurements. If you have a goal and need an agenda to follow my fitness pal is your Pal.



How People Felt About Their New Pal

Having a good diet is a commitment and it’s not for everyone. A lot of my classmates had conflicting thoughts about their usage of My Fitness Pal. Nicole said, “It’s good to see the calories you can take a day.” This makes so much sense and I agree with Nicole. A lot of people don’t know their limits based on their size. Many people with good metabolisms as kids never knew what a proper amount of consumption was and age may be catching up to them and their metabolism slows. My Fitness Pal gives a good idea of what you should be doing whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight. It helps you learn too if you want to take initiative in changing the way you live life. Nick on the other hand didn’t know if it the app was for him, “This app will make me feel fat so I don’t know if I will use it. But it is a very cool app and very well designed.” I talked to Nick about what he said and I thought sometimes you have to face something that makes you uncomfortable and go after it. In this situation, Nick should use the App to show him what he should be eating and doing so that he realizes what is right for his body. He felt fat because he plugged in what he usually intakes and it was well above his recommended intake. I told him he was very active and he forgot to add all the calories he burns every day because he runs a lot. Although he’s in good shape and can eat a lot, a key problem he saw was that his sodium intake was well above the recommended amount. My Fitness Pal is not all about your weight but it’s also a teacher and also shows healthy habits. Now, because of My Fitness Pal, Nick lowered his sodium intake which will have a positive impact on his body.



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