Reading Helps You Understand People

Most of us read the Cat in the Hat when we were younger. The words and the plot were the same when we all read it, but I doubt we all viewed this book exactly the same way. My example could’ve been better since a simple book could only be perceived so many ways. I’m sure you get the idea though.

“Literary work has two poles, which we might call the artistic and the aesthetic: the artistic refers to the text created by the author, and the aesthetic to the realization accomplished by the reader.”

A book is a constant and each person’s view on the book is a variable. The benefit of this is that people can gain different perspectives and make people more well-rounded. Being a reader with more viewpoints is basically practice for the real world and seeing situations in other people’s eyes.

“For the text only takes on life when it is realized.”

Sentences have no meaning or value unless the reader makes something of it. We always talk about whether group discussions have value and why. Our class has discussed that class discussions invite many different ideas that can show people a fresh new look on the same text. Yet again, reading invites different views that can only benefit us by changing the way each person views the SAME article or text.

“The convergence of text and reader brings the literary work into existence.”

As stated, there are two main parts that make up the meaning of a work: the text and the reader comprehending the text. Ultimately, my point is that reading offers and forces different situations in which it can instill different views in a reader. A book only really comes to life once the reader’s past experiences, morals, and mindset come into play with it. Because of what we have experienced in life, a book can resonate with each of us differently.


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