Gone Girl’s Blog: Mysteries Revealed

To Sum It All Up…

Amy grew up in the spotlight being the star of her parents children’s book series, Amazing Amy. Amazing Amy seemed to always be one step ahead of Amy herself, as if they were always in competition with one another. Amy felt her parents had this vision of their daughter that Amy was not fulfilling. “They never ever appreciated the fact that they were earning money from my existence,”(274). She had great resentment, and developed into being an attention seeker. The supposed ‘Amazing Amy’ was not feeling so amazing. Until one day, she met her knight in shining armor, Nick Dunne.

Nick Dunne was a journalist. He grew up in Missouri with his twin sister Go, and divorced parents. Nick Dunne had a very unsteady relationship with his father. Growing up around mayhem in his household, he became close with his mother and sister.

One day, Go revealed that their mom became sick with cancer. Amy and Nick already had their lives together in New York, but after Nick lost his job, he felt the need to move back to Missouri to help his sister take care of their mother.

Amy was not thrilled.

She’s a Goner

On the surface Amy is a smart, beautiful girl. But her smile is deceiving. Amy’s fear is being neglected. This stems from her parents being so focused on ‘Amazing Amy’ all throughout her childhood and peaks at her miserable marriage with Nick.

Every year on their wedding anniversary, Amy would create quiz like scavenger hunts for Nick to solve based on memories of the previous year spent together. On a hot, summer day in Missouri, their five year anniversary rolled around. This year, Amy put a twist on the scavenger hunt. She went missing, and made Nick look like the culprit.

I think Amy stages Nick for her “murder” because she resents him for “bundl[ing] [her] off to Missouri like [she] was some piece of chattel, some mail-order bride, some property exchange”(274). In Amy’s eyes, staging a murder was her way of coping with her negligence issues, hence more of a reason to believe Amy had way more than a screw loose.

Amy has her own perception of what her marriage was , and what life itself was.  Nick even says, “There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold”(23). This further proves how Amy was not the girl he fell in love with anymore.In Amy’s journal entries, she always made Nick out to be the worst husband ever. This is what she wanted the reader to think.

“There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold”

Not So”Amazing” Amy

This story was told from Amy’s perspective as well as Nick’s, which makes you think who was telling the truth. When reading this book, there is always a mystery to solve. In my opinion, I think Nick’s perspective was closest to the truth. I believe this strongly because as a reader, it is pretty clear that Amy has severe mental issues.

“Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you? So that’s how the hating first began. I’ve thought about this a lot, and that’s where it started, I think” (260). Amy wrote this in her “diary” she kept about Nick since they were newly weds. From my standpoint, this is very scary and abnormal. Your spouse should be the one who knows you best, not just getting to know you while you’ve been married for 5 years. It almost seems like Nick was her project.

Reality vs. The Gone Girl

When reading Gone Girl, it made me make a connection to the real world. When the story is told from Amy’s perspective, it is very persuading, but leaves out major details that are soon told in Nick’s perspective of the story.

In reality, politicians only tell you what they want you to know about themselves. We all just experienced this in the 2016 election, and probably every election that ever existed. Politicians want everyone to have this image of them that makes them seem like the perfect candidate. In Gone Girl, Amy puts a facade on for what kind of wife she was, and made it seem like  she was the victim. In the end, you find out that is false.

Another connection I can make to Gone Girl is the character Nick Dunne to the character Jack Dawson from the movie Titanic. Nick was framed for something he did not do, which was murdering his wife Amy. In the movie Titanic, Jack Dawson is framed for stealing his girlfriend Rose’s rare, extremely expensive diamond from her safe. All fingers point to both of these men and they both get accused for these horrific crimes until proven not guilty.

Gone Girl


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