Reading Helps You Sleep?

Recently, one of my assignment in English class had me thinking about how reading can help us in any way. The reason I chose, as you can see by the title of this post, was that reading can help you sleep at night. The scientific study that focused on this concluded that reading before you sleep could help someone fall asleep even quicker than normal and have a better night’s rest. The study involved multiple people having to read and around 70% showed a difference in their sleep habits. And the best part? It only takes about 6 minutes to feel this effect.

Reading right before sleeping relaxes everything in your body, including your heart and muscles. It releases all the stress from that day by helping your brain forget about all the troubles that you’ve experienced that day or week.

I decided to test this out for myself one night and here is what I experienced. After reading for around half an hour I fell asleep way quicker than usual. Whenever I try to go to sleep it takes me about and hour of tossing and turning until I finally get tired enough to fall asleep. I also felt much more well rested, when I got up for school the next morning I wasn’t as sluggish as I usually was in the mornings. I was able to get straight up, get dressed and even had enough energy to make myself breakfast for a change. I think overall this reason to read really does help and has a bit of truth to it.

According to the study conducted on this reason, the type of book doesn’t necessarily matter, reading a mystery book won’t keep you up all night wondering what will happen next, as long as you read before bed.

“You already know that you should turn off your electronics before bed so your brain isn’t over-stimulated”

“Scientists believe that reading is the best way to relax because immersing yourself into another world takes your mind off of your current problems better than other coping mechanisms”

“I guess I’d just rather spend my time relaxing in a productive way. Books, unlike television shows, make you work for the connections you make. But, once you start, it won’t feel like work at all.”

I think I speak for all of my classmates when I say that they agree with the reason. It kind of ties in with another reading reason that reading relieves stress. It can be grouped with that category,


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