Reading Can Be Enjoyable.

The reading reason I presented to the class was that reading is fun  enjoyable. The article that I mentioned a study where 14 eighth graders were studied and asked if they thought reading was fun. These eighth graders gave three very persuasive methods that they used to enjoy themselves as they read. The first method given was the pleasure of play, or immersing yourself in the text. A student who was involved in this study remarked

I like to get away kind of when I read…I choose a lot of fantasy because it sparks your imagination and lets you go somewhere else.”

This was a powerful quote as it showed firsthand that immersing yourself in your literature is much more effective and enjoyable than not comprehending your book on a deeper level.

The second method was intellectual pleasure, a great example of this would be solving a mystery novel on your own, or putting the pieces of a book’s puzzle together. Another student from the study said

“[Reading’s] like being a detective almost. It’s taking the evidence and the information and everything that’s happened, taking all that and putting it together. This sensation of putting all of the pieces of a puzzle together and figuring out the outcome gave the students a sense of intellectual achievement and happiness.”

This quote doesn’t just apply to mystery novels however but any story, a reader can figure out what is happening in a fantasy novel and enjoy that process just as much as they would enjoy a mystery novel.

The third method was social pleasure. This, in my opinion, was the most important piece of the article and the quote that one of the studied students stated was just as powerful.

“I’m part of a cultural club that grew up with Harry Potter. It gave me a sense of belonging. I loved wondering what I thought was going to happen. Talking to my friends about that. Aligning myself with characters.  Waiting so impatiently for the next book. No other group of kids will have that experience again.”

This student said that a book series gave her a sense of belonging, this book series gave her a friend group, this series gave her an enjoyable path through high school. This book series changed this young girl’s life which I believe to be the most powerful impact books can have on their readers.

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This reading reason will have a beneficial impact on me throughout my life, especially later in my life. Reading is seen to be a chore by many but after hearing the impact that books can have on someone’s life, and how enjoyable reading a good book can actually be I will no longer view books in a negative light. Several of my classmates made very valid points on how reading can be applicable to later life, Noah stated

“Reading is enjoyable, so it is a good alternate than using your time on something counterproductive.”

Noah’s quote shows that reading is a good outlet to spend your time on, when free time may be very limited later in life.

Tom also said the bond created by reading is

“Different than the bond that the football team has, but it is just as important.”

Andrew Zayas followed up with

“I agree, a different kind of bond isn’t a bad bond.”

This shows that you can bond over a piece of literature and truly make connections with other people which might be the most important part of this article. Networking is a huge piece of today’s society and using books as another resource to gain a larger network is a huge advantage in today’s society, and the future.

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