Kids chose their own books?

“If we stop telling kids what to read, they might start reading again”. This article states that kids who can choose what they read will learn to enjoying reading, and, hence, read more. Researchers have been suggesting that structured fun with books can help kids learn to appreciate them. Pam Allyn author of several books on reading for educators and parents, countered that kids embrace reading when they can make a choice. Throughout my educational career I have been assigned numerous book. This year, I was given the option to pick my own book. As I read I became fascinated by the criteria and  was even surprised in myself that I could get into a book so deeply. When skimming through the articles we had been assigned, this article stood out to me because I could relate it back to my life.

Tom, a classmate of mine stated that he could blow through one hundred pages of a book in couple of days if he liked it. Reading an assigned book, made it less enjoyable.  It would end up taking him a week to read ten pages. In the discussion, a lot of students including Avery mentioned that assigned books become more of a obstacle, and shortcuts are taken because the grade is more important than the actual book. How could you teach a student to appreciate the book when there is pressure and grades behind it? A raise of hands showed that that every student in the class preferred to pick out a book of their choosing than an assigned book to work through with the class. Brian continues to back this claim by saying the material he was assigned did not make him a better reader, it was just information, but the books he choose made him a better reader. So should kids  I here support the article and say they should. #reading #pro-choice4-simple-speed-reading-tips-for-older-studentsd


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